Our History

The Chowethel people have seen many changes since they have occupied this land. Much of our history has been passed down through oral tradtion with little of it recorded.

In the 1700's we survived the small pox epidemic of 1782, witnessed the arrival of the first Europeans and met explorer Simon Fraser (1808), the namesake of the Fraser River and Fraser Valley.

The 1800's saw the establishment Fort Hope and the parceling of or reserves, the Fraser River Gold Rush and the set up of our first administrative center on the Chowethel site.

In the 1900's we have watched and participated in the changes made to our aboriginal rights Bill C-31 (1985) and the recognition of the effects of residential schools.

Our People Today

In the glow of the millenium we are ready to move into a century filled with economic growth and strong community relations. Our community is filled with young and old willing to work for the future and hold on to the treachings of the past.

Chawathil First Nation Asserted Traditional Territory Map


Chawathil First Nation


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